Storm 14

The Silk Glove are commissioned to serve as part of a marine complement under Captain Tomlin Kreich on The Storm 14 for its maiden voyage. The tour will see them escort a convoy of merchantmen across the Bay of Fortuna and around Knife Point. They will turn back as the fleet reaches open water in the Sea of Dreams.

The commision has come from the Marshalls office of House Lions and they are keen to demonstrate that the new Storm Class Vessel is an attractive investment to other potential buyers. The marine complement is completed with the four members of The Last Word a dwarvern adventuring company. The crew members are all very experienced sailors but are not fighting men, however Captain Kreich and his first mate and bosun form a third fighting unit in a pinch.

Once the party are underway, Captain Kreich calls all of his marines together for a council of war. The enemy that they are expecting to meet are pirates and privateers striking out from the Forgotten Coast along the north coast of the Bay of Fortuna. Recent predation on the fleet has followed a standard pattern, the enemy fleet will ignore the very slowest and fastest vessels and try to cut out some larger middle vessels, hoping to take a prize and leave a crew on board, disengage and then take a second prize from the slowest of the fleet. The Storm 14 is a refit of the Broadsword Class and as such can pretend to sit in the middle of the fleet for speed.

The pirates will almost certainly use arrow fire and spells to engage at range reducing the crew numbers and only board when there is little to gain from ranged attack. Most merchant crewmen will not wish to stay in the shrouds when under sustained attack and take cover. However, the crew of The Storm 14 know that she is a very fast ship and will try and draw the attacker away from the fleet and then get close quickly to minimise ranged effectiveness.

Details of the engagement are on the encounters page which contains spoilers.

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