The Battle of Tiniel

Supporting the Assault

The orcs have built a hillfort out of planed redwood boards, within it's circular outer wall are twelve longhouses in two parallel rows - the walls form a rough circle encompassing these and about a dozen other smaller, utility buildings including a forge and storerooms.

Outside the walls are slavepens, a lumber yard and some seige engines that are part constructed.

Following the defeat of the demon and the dispersal of the swine, there is a very rapid withdrawl of the wolfrider forces and the elves capitalise on this with a rapid attack on the orc entrenchment. The battle takes place on the following day and is an extended skills challenge.

The ground all about the Vale of Tiniel has been rendered into a quagmire by the pigs - much of the skills challenge centers on the Endurance skill and checks that fail this will lead to a healing surge loss. Depending on how the battle goes, here are some typical checks to drive the outcome.

Highest party roll versus difficult endurance to get to the gate before the orcs can seal it.
Complete party success versus easy to reinforce the opening.
Individual insight or history roll versus difficult to guess orc defensive tactics.
Individual intimidate roll versus moderate to hold a breach.
Individual athletics roll versus difficult to scale a wall.

There may be an oppotunity to perform a decapitating strike to take out a critical command unit:

Number Creature XP
1 Eye of Gruumsh 200
1 Orc Bloodrager 600
3 Orc Skirmishers 450

The battle should break out that the orcs are attempting to round up the remaining pigs but are very nervous of attack. There is the opportunity to ambush them or to let them run back and keep the gate open somehow. The ground up to the gate is so muddy that crossing the ground to it without some kind of deceit will mean that the gates are closed and the battle becomes more like a seige.

If the battle goes to a seige then the focus is on how to get through the pallisade, the walls are about ten foot of rough cut planks hammered in place with pegs. Whilst the orcs have no walkway there are many towers that overlook the walls from which arrowfire will pour down from heavy concealment.

The leader of the orcs, an orc chieftan named King Scragerlac is always in the company of his Maven, the orc warlock responsible for summoning the demon Porcus.

Maven, Eye of Gruumsh Warlock Level 5 Constroller (Leader) Warlock XP 400
Medium Natural Humanoid
Initiative +6 Senses Perception +3; Low-light vision
HP 104; Bloodied 52
AC 19; Fortitude 17; Reflex 15; Will 16
Speed 6 (8 while charging)
Saving Throws +2
Action Point 1
Spear (standard; at-will)
+10 vs. AC; 1d8 + 3 damage
Warrior’s Surge (standard, usable only while bloodied; encounter)
Healing, Weapon
The eye of Gruumsh makes a melee basic attack and regains 16 hit points.
Death Strike (when reduced to 0 hit points)
The orc makes a melee basic attack.
Eye of Wrath (minor; at-will) ~ Fear
Ranged 5; +8 vs. Will; the target takes a –4 penalty to AC (save ends).
Swift Arm of Destruction (standard; recharge 5 6 ) - Healing
Ranged 5; one orc within range makes a melee basic attack (as a free action) and regains 15 hit points on a hit or 5 hit points on a miss.
A Chaos Hammer (standard; encounter) ~ Force
Area burst 1 within 10; +8 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 3 force damage, and the target is knocked prone. Miss: Half damage, and the target is not knocked prone.
Avernian Eruption (standard, encounter) Arcane, Fire
Range 10, Area Burst 1; +5 vs Reflex; 2d10 + 3, ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)
Fiery Bolt (standard, encounter) Arcane, Fire
Range 10; +5 vs Reflex; 3d6+3 damage, adjacent take 1d6+3
Ethereal Stride (move, encounter) Arcane, Teleportation
You teleport up to three squares and gain a +2 defence bonus until the end of your next turn
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common, Giant
Skills Endurance +10, Intimidate +10, Religion +7, Arcana +7, Bluff +10
Str 17 (+5) Con 16 (+5); Dex 14 (+4) Int 11 (+2); Wis 12 (+3) Cha 17 (+5)

Chief Scragerlac weilds a +2 Bloodthread Chainmail giving him a +1 AC bonus and a +3 AC bonus when bloodied.

Number Creature XP
1 Eye of Gruumsh, Warlock 400
1 Orc Chieftan 700

Also in the chief and Maven's possession are a +1 wand of shield, and two potions of healing.

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