The Crusade

Responding to reports of a possible resurgence of dragons in the lands of Elan, the Palace of Voices issues a reminder that the open worship of Bahamut, is not permitted within the realm. The edict was passed 85 years ago at the foundation of Fortuna in the agreement often referred to as One Hundred Years of Peace, however in that time it's observance has not been strongly enforced. Chapels to Bahamut have always been discrete, private, open secrets, now however the government commands are met with closures of these places of worship by somewhat fearful townsfolk and villagers across the provinces.

Following the edict, naturally some followers are not too pleased about this and there is some unrest, a few minor scuffles are reported but in the main the church, which was never evangelical, is resigned to a quite life of personal and privaate worship.

Against this background the position of the Dragonborn is regarded with some suspicion. Although their nature tends to ally them in the public mind with thier nobler namesakes, there is little in dragonborn culture which redisposes them to any such alliegance. In fact, as a reaction to public suspicion, many of the Dragonborn are loud in their condemnation of the dragon threat.

For some however, public condemnation is not enough, and one group of zealots who name themselves The Redeemers begin to emerge as a political force in opposition to all things draconic. Initially a small movement, thier principal goals are to grow their movement and to seek out and destroy anything and anyone associated with the worship of Bahamut.

Thier are several active groups around Elan however the one operating closest to Fortuna is led by Drachan Stormhawk. Intially active in burning down hidden chapels and other associated religious placees, they will then move on to burning the business and eventually homes of known worshipers. There will then be public beatings and finally murder by burning at the stake.

Drachan is a Dragonborn cleric and her followers are a mixed bag of Dragonborn and Humans, if the party wish to confront her then details are here.

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