The Last God

Caught at the walled town of Raven Springs, The Silk Glove look out across the plain towards an oncoming darkness that spreads across the far horizon. In the darkness, figures can be seen moving and it is clear that an army approaches. The walls are defended by the army of one-time thresholders who name themselves The Damned, and it is clear that the fort will be besieged by nightfall.

The party are informed that there is some crone demanding an audience with them at the springs that Salix brought back to life earlier in the day. Waiting for them is an avatar of S'Desh, the Desolate, godess of stillborns - a naked woman suckling a corpse with tears that constantly stream from her eyes. She is rarely invoked but nevertheless she still receives secret blessings at times of great loss and consequently she still commands some divine power in this land.

She has advice for the party which is to meet the oncoming army in the field rather than defending the walls here. They will be defeated regardless, but if they defend a siege then they will become mired here for many weeks, whereas if they use their army to delay the enemy then they can escape. If they accept this advice then they will be condemning their army to a massacre in the field, but remaining on the walls gives them a decent defensive bonus.

S'Desh accuses the paladins of following the interests of their churches - namely that they pursue a missionary strategy to get a foothold within this land rather than dealing with the situation with Orcus.

The Darkness, a Demon Lord, leads an army of shadows, ghouls and ghasts:

The Darkness, Lvl 12, Insubstantial, Blinding, Demon lord
4 Ghoul squadrons of 256, Lvl 3+8, Undead
4 Shadow squadrons of 64, Lvl 4+6, Insubstantial

Fighting from the walls of Raven Springs will confer a +2 Siege Defender bonus

S'Desh will take little part in the battle but if they take her advice then she will go with them and may extend some protection if they confront The Darkness

S'Desh, Lvl 18, Godlike, Protective, Anguish

The Army of the Damned are made up of an core of about 16 knights and three divisions of about a hundred and twenty armed men, little more than a levy.

1 Knight squadron, Lvl 4+4, Armoured
3 Levy, Lvl 2+7, Fearless

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