The Road West

Snubbed by House Lions and with encouragement from their political friends to get out of town, the party should need little incentive to get out. Eve Palfrey provides a patron, asking The Silk Glove if they would go in search of her brother Shevek she will ask to go with them however.

In his role as a junior officer to House Lions, Shevek was placed under the charge of the Captain of the Hunt. All military roles for Founding Houses are confined to household duties (bodyguards) as they are not permitted standing armies, Shevek's duties would have involved acting as a second tier organisation when a hunt was organised.

Eve suggests that her brother was never involved in hunting because the household rarely staged hunts and that his responsibilities were instead of a more secret nature. She does not know what he was doing but has reason to suspect that he may have been near Sluttisham in the last few days.

On the Road

There are several routes to Sluttisham, the elves travel cross-country along the border between Morst and Bidewell, but these ways are hidden to men, the Westway cuts through Bidewell and is an imperial road whose security is maintained by the state, finally there is a route north from Morst across the Bitter Pass but this is not a direct route and would add up to a week longer - also the pass may be challenging this late into the year.

Closed Road

The Silk Glove are met by army forces on the Westway two days out of Fortuna. The road is closed to sightseers you have no business snooping around in a war zone - this will be a skills challenge to get beyond this point on the main road, though the army has no authority if the party choose to travel by other roads.

Ill Met at the Pig and Nightgown

On the road, deep into the country and far from the civilising influence of Fortuna the party rest in a tavern in some small village. They attract some attention as outsiders though they are not a complete novelty - and over the course of the evening there is an unspoken skills challenge. If the party can succeed then they will have intimidated the locals and their passage the following day will be unchallenged - if they fail then they will be wailaid by bandits.


The party pass through an abandoned hamlet, long overgrown orchards surround it, now the home to may wild boars - here the road seems least safe and there may be trouble.


Arriving at the town, they find that there is a significant military presence as well as several political representatives, including Aldonich of White and Vanya of Lions playing dove and hawk respectively in the face of the elven threat. The party spot Stern Lions at the perifery and he may be able to shed a little light on the situation if it suits him.

Encounters here.

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