The Rose


For six months, through a summer of rebuilding and shoring up defences after the repelling of the Hanorian expeditionary force, the political scene in Fortuna has been in turmoil. Of the Founding Houses only House Lions has emerged from the war with its reputation unblemished. Each of the other three houses along with many other houses of significance have had accusations of appeasement and complicity laid before them. Lions has taken every opportunity for political advancement and this has galvanised houses White, Caradagon and Crestfell against them.

At the same time, several Ironshield Houses have been replaced with new members, elevated above their replacements by virtue of having a respectable army to bring to the field along with the appetite to do so in defence of the realm.

Against this background the merchants have had a difficult year. With the fleet widely dispersed by the invasion and many vessels lost, those that remain have often travelled alone and many have made easy pickings for the pirates who emerged after a long lean storm season spent hiding from the Hanorians.

Against this background Puff is asked if he is prepared to hand pick a team and take them into Hanoria to try and determine what has happened and whether they will be amenable to peace talks and if not then how can they be brought about. The vessel The Rose is at their command and ready to take them to Arnia at their pleasure.

The Loom

Having arrived in Cadion and taken The Rose along The Standard Navigation to get to [[[The Eversea]], The Silk Glove discover that the passage is blocked by another enormous hulk that occupies two thirds of the canals width and is anyway moored across the canal preventing passage. The mistress of the vessel is a Ancient Arcane Spider and the pirate crew that serve her. The party agree to deal with a goblin army that has been spying on her and in return she will have the boat moved to permit passage for The Rose.

She, Ancient Arcane Spider (Level 8)

She spell casting resist magic, poison and has some limited power to dispel and limit magical effects.

  • Lives in darkness, hates the light
  • Worshipped and feared
  • Ancient and arcane

She hoards a great treasure, the broadsword Erlking's Ruin is an ancient artefact, it's history lost in the mist of time that is the bane of goblinkind. The bearer could take the aspect goblinsbane.

Goblin Army

4 mobs of foot soldiers. Level 1, 16 (5)
4 shamen. Level 3, spell casters
2 mobs of archers. Level 1, 16 (5)
2 brutes. Level 3
1 champion. Level 4, elite. Rally.
1 captain. Level 4, elite. Resist magic.

The goblins are a war tribe that have worked themselves into a frenzy and will fight until decimated if they believe that She has been sufficiently weakened.

Water Fort

Forgotten by society, the bitter former courtier De Fontign was exiled to the post of garrison commander at The Water Fort, a grim outpost at the town of Neap Water that overlooks the dark lake, high in The Black Hills. The one time courtier is now desperate for political news that might indicate a softening in attitudes, refusing to believe that in fact he is completely forgotten.

As part of his self deception, he has filled the fort with all of the locals of any merit from Neap Water. Two dozen of the aldermen, widows, débutantes and old soldiers play at courtiers whilst the town itself decays as it's leaders attend court. They dress in faded wool, go hunting and have parties and masques that are at odds with their agricultural manners.

The Stone Gate leads from Neap Water to The Grey Stair however it is magically barred and in accordance with treaties assured with the Hanorian's in securing their borders, opening it requires an order from parliament. De Fontign has the key to the gate however and he can of course be persuaded, though not immediately by the papers that the party carry.

Ornay is a visiting noble arrived three days ago with gifts and news. He says that he travelled overland from Cadion seeking property to purchase for a summer home, and that he left some weeks past, well before The Rose passed through. He is accompanied by a single servant, Meer who appears part companion, part bodyguard, part manservant.

Ornay is a Hanorian spy and seeks to delay the ship's passage through the town by any means. He knows that they will take about three days to descend the stair and reach the ocean, but that the first Ghostship would not catch them unless they can be delayed for more than two days. He arrived by magic carpet and bought horses and gifts in St Tennes, the nearest market town.

The Hanorian spy is a sorcerer and also has an invisible servant mephit, the air elemental that is always nearby. Meer is a blade master, thief and assassin.


De Fontign, level 5 courtier, verbally astute, thick skinned

  • Deluded fantasist
  • Preening courtier

Marshall Coates, level 4 alderman

  • No useful skill whatsoever
  • Fawning simpleton

Lady Hasely, level 3 widdow

  • Desperate to marry off her daughters
  • Halitosis

The Visitors

Ornay, level 7 sorcerer, ring of protection, wand of stars

  • Something not right
  • Obsequious
  • Smell the money

Meer, level 6 blade master, poisoned blade, bracers of defence

  • Always alert
  • Cheerful smile, deadly eyes

Mephit of the wind, level 4, invisible

  • Nuisance
  • Always a draught
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