The Sacred Grove

The party heads north towards Silent Mountain and discover the fate of the Thresholders. They should meet with one of several characters on the road - a farmer and his wife tending a field but clearly zombies, a mercenary, blind and legless in a ditch or finally a slightly mad one time cleric of Bahamut. From these they should hear some or all of this history.

Eight years ago, a powerful cult named The Immortals arose around a new school of magic named theomancy, it's practitioners promised eternal life to the most holy and demonstrated that this was theirs to give by rendering many of the rich and powerful of Hanoria into thresholders - their souls permanently attached to their bodies, they could not be separated by physical damage. The cult became richer and richer as the great houses enrolled and in the end most of the political class was within the cult. At this point, other religions, never a strong presence in Hanorian society began to be edged out and the political agenda began to align itself with that of The Immortals.

Then rumours began to circulate - those that had been granted immortality began to realise that they were loosing enthusiasm for life - they complained that nothing tasted as good as it had before, that colours and other sensations were duller. Then further rumours that whilst heir bodies no longer aged nor did they heal properly without the ministrations of the Theomancers. Increasingly these thresholders as they became known appeared on the fringes of society. Shunned by the living they live their lives on the edges of towns, but increasingly they have migrated towards Silent Mountain in the hope that some release might be found.

The players find themselves in the town of Paternoster whose inhabitants, all thresholders, are attempting to live some kind of a normal life. On the outskirts of the town there was a cathedral to Avandra and the symbol on Claudia's shield will be recognised. Now the cathedral is in the heart of a dense wildwood that is closed to the thresholders though many feel drawn towards it sensing some kind of redemption there.

The cathedral contains the tomb of Saint Caspian, a holy knight of Avandra, he is buried with The Moonblade, an artefact sacred to the church and its presence is what draws the thresholders - it's touch will sever the link of their souls with their mortal remains.

The glade is defended by a werewolf druid named Brunus and two treants - they are not prepared to let the sword leave and do not welcome visitors.

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