The Seige

Encounter Details

Stern Lions has taken responsibility for the defence of Fortuna against the hidden enemies that the Hanorians are keen to employ. In doing so he has gone back to the remains of his old allies, The Silk Glove and they have undertaken several small jobs for him. The nature of this work has made it very clear to the adventurers how desperate any real seige of the capital would be, but for The Silk Glove, that seige has already begun.

Recently the party were able to spring a trap following an intercepted lead and captured a spymaster living in the heart of the city. We begin in Stern's torture chamber where he has been unable to get much from the spymaster but is now considering the various kit that he had - specifically some unidentified consumable magical item. Stern beleives that it is a sabotage device but the spymaster is not talking.

The party might elect to investigate it.

Also pressing for Stern's attention is the matter of Erdan Dragonrider who is being interviewed in anterooms to the torture chamber. Apparently he delivered themselves in good faith to the Palace of Voices with important news but without a sense of proportion - the house was in session planning the many details that attend the first significant defence of the realm in fifty-odd years. Stern cannot decide if the matter warants further consideration or not, but he is not too happy about turning him out into the city without a babysitter.

Then there is the nagging of Dillip Sender the wizard who so wants to capture a live anima so that he can investigate it's motive force. Stern is partial to this because he feels that they must have a weakness. At the moment it feels as though the range and number of animae is limited only by the imagination of the Hanorian artisans and the distance from Hanoria.

Finally there is the matter of the mock Star Chamber. As part of his counter-insurgency plans Stern had been setting up a secret and fake Star Chamber session with papers, agents, traps and misdirections. It seems that the enemy got wind of what he was doing and somehow managed to get into the halls, slay everyone within and disappear without any living witnesses. He would dearly love to find out how.

The Vaults

Should the party decide that they wish to make a trip to The City Vaults in search of The Covenant without Stern discovering then it will have to be though deceit - if they try and get his agreement to the plan of action he will take a very conservative position - this is a decision that must be put to the Palace and I will not permit you to act unilaterally. He dismisses the idea that the houses would destroy the document and says that they would be far more likely to ignore the request out of hand.

If they go to the following a warning from Stern they will discover that the guard has been doubled and told to look out for them. The Vaults are largely below ground in a windowless stone walled building. It's small iron door is locked shut though there is light through the keyhole and a changing guard and at least one librarian living and working within. The librarian has an alarm that can be raised and will summon the watch.

Defeating the guard and overcoming the librarian is easy enough but if the alarm is not disabled then the party will effectively fail - the failure consequence is that they end up back in the presence of a disappointed Stern Lions who will have taken The Covenant and hidden it himself. Success means running a gauntlet of traps as per the encounter page.

The Honey Trap

Stern Lions believes that the enemy is able to scry upon the city. In an effort to foil them he has been trying to move the most secret meetings - the Iron Council and the Star Chamber to different locations. He is aware that they will be vulnerable in these places and so also plans to set up several fake locations where he will attempt to lure the enemy to and ambush their assassins. He is also considering using disinformation tactics at some of these locations to deliberately mislead.

The first of these honey traps was being set up in a disused silversmiths - well defended from outside and able to hide a team of defenders. He had a team of three of his most trusted men at the scene finalising preparations when apparently the enemy struck and they were all slain. There were no surviving witnesses, and he would like a report on the scene. This happened yesterday morning and the party might like to visit.

The workshop is very solidly built in dressed stone and brick standing apart from its neighbours a smith to one side and a guardhouse to the other. At one time the property would have been a residence built in a villa style popular twenty years ago. In repurposing it, the ground floor windows have been bricked up and solid steel bound oak doors stand at the front and rear. The large windows in the upper storey have bars over them, and the impression is one of rugged security.

Investigation reveals that there is a cellar that can be accessed through the coal scuttle and that someone with small feet has done so within the last day or so. Within the building it is clear that the intention was that the soldiers would be stationed in the cellar and the loft space whilst the fake meeting would happen upstairs. The three agents fought on the ground floor in the hallway and they were killed with a mixture of cuts from a heavy blade, steel bullets from a crossbow, burns from some cold effect and one of them was grappled with some kind of rope. There were at least six enemies, wearing heavy armour and they apparently came from upstairs.

Asking around they can discover that the agents were seen entering at nine in the morning but that sounds of fighting were heard about an hour later when the guard was called.

Abe's Adventures

His corpse having been taken by the crew of The Dirty Blade, the shade of Abe was spoken with a ritual and agreed a bargain - he would give them one year's obedient service in return for his life. Abe was raised back to life and made shipmage. Dann Chiral did not however trust him and placed certain constraints upon his freedom, not permitting him shore leave nor any share of the plunder or privelige aforded to the rest of the crew. This suited Abe as he often wished for no part in their pleasures.

However after sinking a merchantman of the coast of New Hanoria the captain spared a single soul, a young maiden named Livia Blackstock who, despite the leering complaints of his crewmen was quartered in Abe's cabin and not permitted to leave. The captain hoped to foster a friendship between the two knowing that whilst he held Livia he had a hold over Abe. In this he was successful, and with this control he finally began to permit Abe more freedoms which was of course useful to Chiral.

For two weeks, The Dirty Blade has been working with the blockade transporting agents to and from the land around Fortuna and in that time, Abe has managed to get a message to Stern Lions aranging information drops at each night time landing. Lion's has, as instructed left replies at the same lonely spot, however he does not know whether to trust the source of this information. He would like an agent to have a face to face meeting with the contact and is looking for volunteers.

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