The Wormway

Having defeated the orc watchers at Abbotsward the party release the enslaved Kelsey of Blake who has been serving her harsh taskmasters whilst they are here. She was brought here along the wormway by the orcs and she can direct them back again, and her fierce desire for revenge drives her to help them.

The orcs drugged her with their Grash whilst they were making their way here so her memory is not completely reliable but she feels that she can do it. However whilst she does know the way, she is not aware of all of the pitfalls. The Wormway is partly a natural phenomenon - an ancient waterway that has cut through the soft sandstone, and partly the work the Kruthik hive that infests the area. The Kruthiks hunt their prey by smell until they are close - however the orcish Grash whilst imposing a -4 Will defence does hide the scent reducing the attentions of the creatures.

Without taking the Grash the party will continue to attract fiercer and fiercer encounters, a perception roll might give them a clue that up close the Kruthnik smell similar to the brew.

Passing through The Wormway is an extended skills challenge with encounters forming part of the challenge. If the party fall foul of the pit that holds the ghost of Blackjack then their passage will be through Kruthik tunnels and as they come to the end the orc crafted Falchion will detect elves and help them tto find a way out.

Encounter details

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