War in the South

Encounter Details

The action switches to the town of Covenant where a second set of paragon adventurers discover that war has come to Elan.

Rumors of War

Two days before we begin, the relative peace of the town has been unsettled by the arrival of The Drengr Nidgogg whose fleet has passed upstream but is reported to be anchored about a mile upstream of Covenant. Thought the city guard are pretty rattled about it, there seems to be little direction from Lord Jesner and many of the adventuring types have armed themselves and taken to keeping a wary eye on the river.

There is a sense of some celebration as the first goods from the old world have arrived with the end of the storm season. This morning a small fleet of coastal barges arrived with long awaited fine steel blades for the cutting mills, all the way from Hanoria. This means that the fleet has arrived in Fortuna and that soon enough the other luxuries will follow.

On the night we begin, in The Bear Pit, the cities hardier characters have gravitated to the famous fighting arena for some sport for the evening. They are interrupted by shouts that there are lights in the river and an enemy at the gates. The party can choose to run to the nearer Water Gate or the Palisades Gate. At the Palisades Gate they will be confronted with the Drengr Nidgogg infantrymen who appear to have taken the gate by treachery and now face them across the fighting area before it. The water gate leads to a confrontation with the Hanorian Animae.

What has Passed

The Drengr Nidgogg have been posted to garrison Covenant by their employer House Galt however they choose as always to convert their flotilla of dragon boats into a floating raft on which they like to set up their fortress. They have set up scouts about the city and have discovered that the Hanorian barges have infiltrated enemies into the Clay Pools and that they appear to be trying to enter via the Water Gate.

The Hanorians seek to destroy the water gate, thereby draining Clay Pools and disabling the small fleet of sea vessels as they will capsize as the tide goes out and flood as it comes in again. To do this they have sent a detachment of Animae commanded by a spy master.

The Fallout

If the party have shown themselves to be useful they have the opportunity to be invited to contribute to the war council. However this will be against the better judgement of Captain Ostgorn the leader appointed by the Drednr Nidgogg to attend Lord Jesner. A skills challenge will need to focus on diploacy, bluff, insight and intimidate, however it will also need a history roll to avoid saying anything that might inflame passions and make things worse.

Plans that might come out of the meeting include heading north along the coast in one of the dragon ships to investigate or heading into The Wildwood and going overland. If the wisdom of the ancients is sought at The Remembered Mountain it is likely to be rebuffed, though not out of hand - maybe when they have discovered the right questions to ask they may find an answer here.

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