Wooden Dragons

The Redeemers have snatched Abe's sister Rosalind from her home and taken her to their floating isle, a folitilla of longboats tied together in the mouth of the river. The longboats have been set so close together that a platform is balanced across them with pallisade walls, which defend a great long-house within. There is also a temple to Tiamat and various sleeping quarters for the army of dragonborn that crew the 24 boats.

The nearest land is owned by House Galt a Base House that has found great wealth in money lending and speculation. It is the head of that house Johan Galt that has employed The Redeemers, partly in an attempt to gain Ironshield House status and partly to gain favour within the church of Tiamat. His political favour has secured the contract to persecute followers of Bahamut within the city walls although it is not widely known.

Searching for his sister in the immediate aftermath of the abduction, Abe has found his arrival is anticipated and he is invited onto the dragonboats to settle the weergelt for her return. On his arrival he is told that the price will be 16,000gp ten times what was paid for the return of the body of C. Unable or unwilling to hand over the funds immediately he is not permitted to leave but a message is sent to his fellows.

The brother and sister are both on the wooden isle, defended by an army of dragonborn marines, the party must either find the funds or effect a rescue. One approach is to capture another prisoner and effect an exchange, and a target for that could be Johan Galt. He is their paymaster and is far more vulnerable than an army of marines.

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