A small town in the county of Southwold, Stoneyford sits on the border with Keepsafe on the River Stoney. The town is an informal border town as it sits on the border of The Wildwood that extends across most of Keepsafe and is largely impenetrable. The central stone keep has a stone wall around it and a moat that draws water from the river and is the home to the Swale First Heavy Infantry. The civilian heart of the town is also walled though this wall has grown organically and includes areas of earth rampart, wooden palisade and stone wall.

Stoneyford draws some income as a hub for the wool trade sheep farmers from the south of Southwold send their wool bales to the town to be spun, dyed and woven. As most of the wool is delivered north to Fortuna the town has lost much of it's business to the more northerly towns in the county and i in some decline. Trade to Fortuna is principally by road, the river is not well suited to trading craft of any significant draft as there are rapids before it reaches the sea.

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