Storm Class Vessel

Converted from the Broadsword class vessel the Storm Class is the first in a new generation of fighting ship. Taking a departure from the traditional dual purpose merchantman, this vessel from the House Lions shipyards to be purely designed for speed and combat.

The hull has been strengthened with steel bindings on the ribs and the decks have been double layered, furthermore, the masts and rigging are all now fire resistant (resist fire 5). All of these changes are pretty much invisible to even the most seasoned eye with the idea being that Storm Class vessels can mingle with the very common Broadsword class and hope to take more prizes in this way.

Below decks the Storm class has room for twenty marines along with the usual crew and provisions for passage back to Arnia. The designers hope that the class might reach ten to twelve knots, which if expectations are met is sufficient to overhaul most pirates and privateers.

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