The Cedars Inquiry

Diplomatic relationships with the Elven nation have clearly deteriorated over the past two years. Even with the most generous reading of the evidence, this decline has been demonstrated, to have been accelerated by the legal political activities of House Lions. Whilst no proof of any direct advantage has been demonstrated we have seen strong arguments showing that the strong tradition of Elven marines and ships crew have undermined House Lions dominance in this market. Furthermore we have seen persuasive arguments that whilst Lions had little to gain from poor relations with the elves, their immediate rivals, House White, House Crestfell and House Caradagon have far stronger trade relations.

Nevertheless we find that none of the political behaviour of House Lions nor her agents have fallen outside of the permitted and legal manoevering open to any House of Fortuna.

Throughout these worsening Elven relationships, there have been reports of well armed and armoured beligerent orcish and goblinoid tribes. These have been especially active on the Elven borderlands. All of the tribes, reported as heavily armed, are recognised enemies of Elan and arming enemies of the state is of course both illegal by the civil and trade laws of the state and a Treasonous Act.

We have heard evidence presented relating to the discovery of three cartloads of steel batons and pine arrow shafts bearing the imprimature of House Lions being dicovered in the hands of the Trueheart orc tribe. House Lions have accepted that these materials were crafted in the House Lens armouries here in Fortuna and furthermore that they were dipatched through hauliers affliated to House Butcher on the First Quarter of Storms, to Barfi Kord, a weaponsmith in good standing at Stonespoke.

We have heard evidence that the caravan was intercepted one hour north of Sluttisham and that there was no evidence of conflict. From there it is presumed that the armaments were transported through The Wormway to support the Orcish assault on the Elven stronghold of Tiniel. It is alleged that there was collusion between the mercenaries hired to defend the caravan and the Trueheart Orcs. The remains of only one of those mercenaries has been discovered, Shevek Palfrey was recovered by The Silk Glove acting as agents for House Blake.

In the matter of actively supplying enemies of the realm with armaments, we can find no compelling evidence and forced to record an open verdict. However, transporting of armaments is a strictly regulated business and it is clear that House Lions deliberately avoided the precautionary measures put in place by the Ministry of Excise. We find House Lions guilty of illegally transporting arms with the express aim of avoiding taxation and that by their actions these potential weapons fell into the hands of Our enemies.

It is the judgement of this court that the Riverside Foundry of House Lens be bound as property of the state, that the privillege of sole transport on the Westway be withdrawn from House Lions and that reparations of five million pieces of gold be gifted by House Lions to the Elven State. We note that parties in House Lions who have accepted principal authority in this matter have stepped down and we are therefore inclined to be lenient on the understanding that Stern Lions be barred from representation at the Palace of Voices for a period of no less than twelve years.

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