The Covenant

One Hundred Years Of Peace is of course a tale told to children, however there is in it, as in all such stories a seed of truth. In the early years of settlement, there were a great many dragons in this land, but then there were a great many bravos looking to make a name for themselves. Of course we were also rich in the magic essence brought over from the great banking houses of Caratia and many great dragonbane weapons were cast. The greatest of these was Acies born by Foeman Crestfell and it certainly slew a great many of the dragonkind in this land.

Man cannot prevail against dragons by sheer determination however, and it was by cunning that the mightiest of all of the dragons was ensnared. Crestfell spoke with the dragon and told him that if he were truly a lord amongst his kind then he might be invited to play a part in settling this land a take a place alongside the magicians and other great men of court. The dragon was a vain creature and imagined that to be in a position of authority over these flattering and elegant courtiers would be a great thing.

Crucius agreed and was named Lord of Dragons. He took responsibility for driving the remainder of his kind from the shores of Elan and whilst he might not have prevailed alone, was accompanied by the best dragon slayers in the land.

For thirty years the dragon was a sporadic presence in the affairs of man, however even though this like the passing of a pleasant afternoon in dragon years he became bored of these petty affairs and increasingly difficult to bind to the laws of a civilised state. The dragon's nature drew him into mischief and although his final alliance with Decius White was well known his unmasking in this affair was less public.

In that time the monk Lowly Worm was secretly leading The Willow Palm in an effort to get some kind of hold over the dragon so that he might be better handled. Their secret conflict had been ongoing for several years - the dragon was too proud to act openly and reveal his bestial nature to the court, and Lowly Worm would not provoke him into a legitimate duel.

Finally the stalemate was broken, Auld Red had sired a clutch of eggs from one of the young female dragons that he had since slain. He intended to incubate them and create a dynasty when he grew bored of his dalliance with the politics of man, but until then they rested secretly in an ice cave. The Willow Palm had discovered them and on the night Decius White was unmasked Lowly Worm presented an ultimatum before the Founding Houses and Auld Red.

A covenant was drawn out in which Auld Red vowed to keep Elan free of his kind until either he or the young monk should die. That the covenant was agreed by both parties would have almost been impossible save for a deceit crafted by Lowly Worm: Those in the council knew that as a great monk he was able to adopt a diamond soul and become imortal and so they were quick to accept the bargain. The ancient dragon however knew that it was the monk's intention to adopt another epic destiny, The Dragon Way and that consequently his lifespan would not be so greatly enhanced. Auld Red was happy to wait a century for the monk to suffer the frailties of his kind and accepted.

The covenant was cast into a powerful artefact that could only be undone at the death of either the dragon or the monk, and both then went into exile at either end of the realm of Elan.

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