The Drengr Nidgogg

A mercenary army that hails from the frozen north of Great Bear, beyond the civilized realm of Elan, The Drengr Nidgogg are composed entirely of Dragonborn. They operate from a fleet of dragon-boats and are able to bring them together to form a fortified raft complete with wall, towers and beneath the upturned hull of one of their largest boats, a significant longhouse.

They are currently employed by House Galt and their raft is anchored in the mouth of the Speedwell, beyond the tidal reach and close to the Brightmire Estate.

Order of Battle

The Drengr Nidgogg is rincipally a force of 240 marine skirmishers. They rely on getting into close quarters principally where they fight with twin katars although they do maintain a small artillery for ship to ship fire.

Numbers Type Level Notes
18 Elementalists 8 Artillery Compendium
18 Snipers 8 Artillery Compendium, also bloodstinger at will
12 Commandant 7 Elite Soldier Compendium
6 Fire Adepts 15 Controller Compendium
60 Gladiators 10 Soldier Monster Manual
120 Soldiers 5 Soldier Monster Manual
6 Raiders 13 Skirmisher Monster Manual


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