The Silk Glove

The Silk Glove is a company of adventurers.

The wizard Abe is the only human in the founding members of The Silk Glove and is known to leave geese unbooed.

A warforged fighter that bears its name C emblazoned on its breastplate. In fact it is not a name but denominates that the model was an Iron Centurion crafted to fight in the Great War. It is a founding member of The Silk Glove.

The Lady Claudia Christine Wraithley, Paladin of Avandra, Knight Adamant Of The Order Of The Shield Of The Weak, Baroness of the Iron Quarter, Companion of The Hunt, Elf Friend, Hero of Elan, Member of the Silk Glove and Scion of the House of Lyon - Moonblade Wielder and Demon Slayer.
Corin Ui Nimmunthal
Corin is a Delvewarden, one of the thanes maintained by the Laird of Firekeep to guard the mines in times of peace and lead the militia in times of war.
Hubert of Rissenden is a cheerful young man who has shipped out in the merchant fleet since his early teens. He demonstrates an easy mastery of ship-board life, but is much less comfortable when ashore or in the company of his betters.
A halfling rogue and founding member of The Silk Glove, Pinch is probably least likely to say "lets give this goblin the benefit of the doubt".
Puff is the moniker given to this dragonborn warlord, principally because none of his fellows in The Silk Glove can pronounce his real name.
A half elf Warlock, Ruby is a member of The Silk Glove.
Viblininrisa is a male gnome.
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